Clutch Fundraising

Welcome to the easiest and most productive fundraising opportunity your team will undertake this year. By joining the Clutch Fundraising family this process will be simplified for you so you can focus on developing your team members, making more of your practice time, eliminate the stress put on you and your team members, fundraise and promote your program at anytime during the day. We will help you every step of the way.

We have been in the fundraising business for years and understand the way to bring the most amount of money to your team is the ability to reach the most amount of people possible that will want to support your program. Your web site has the ability to have any person, anyway, at anytime help your program raise funds.

Clutch Fundraising will

  1. Free to join and get started with no money out of pocket
  2. Create your own personalized web site
  3. Eliminate door to door sales
  4. Ship every product, no delivery for you, directors, or team members
  5. Collect all forms online, no minimums
  6. Collect all the money on line
  7. Give credit to those that make the sales, give 50% of the sale to you, giving bigger returns to you and your team.
  8. Free customer support
  9. New and fresh fundraising items

Get started today, 5 minutes to set up your fundraising web site.